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5 Stars

57 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

From pre-op to post-op and recovery, it could not have gone better. Dr. Koo, Claudia, and the Pro-Ortho team made it a seamless outpatient experience. Thank you to all, it is wonderful to be pain free.
5 Stars

I've had great shoulder results with Dr. Koo and all his staff.
5 Stars

Had Rotator Cuff surgery 5 weeks ago and it has been a smooth recovery. Rotation coming back great. Love the team.
5 Stars

The place is very nice and easy to work with. My pre, surgery, post and on going service has been great. I would recommend if surgery was needed for shoulder.
5 Stars

Shoulder replacement was a success. Healing good, time will give a full recover!
5 Stars

Dr. Koo and his assistant are great. I felt in great hands.
5 Stars

Dr. Koo performed surgery to repair a badly broken clavical and it could not have gone more smoothly. After 8 weeks I was more-or-less fully recovered with full range of motion in my shoulder and no issues with any of my soft tissue or nerves and trending well ahead of projections from PT. Could not have gone better!
5 Stars

Surgery went very well. Recovery on schedule and will be back golfing six months after surgery! Great job. After one year, back to normal, hitting the ball further.
5 Stars

Had 2nd shoulder surgery by Dr. Koo earlier this year. I was about to give up. However, attending one of his info sessions convinced me to schedule time with him. Within the first few days from surgery, felt so much better. Now, 6+ months later, definitely know that I have properly healed, and so ready to resume my active lifestyle. Can't thank Dr. Koo, Claudia, and all of his staff enough!
5 Stars

I had been suffering shoulder problems for over 6 months when I was referred to Dr Koo by my physical therapist. I was seen, MRI'd, explained my situation, and surgery scheduled within three weeks. It was amazing to get a diagnosis and treatment plan so quickly. Dr Koo explained it all to me, answered all of my questions, and made me feel so confident in what our plan was. Claudia, his assistant dr, has been doing all of my post surgical care and she is also wonderful. I love Dr Koo & his team!
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