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Seattle Met Top Doc 2014

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Seattle Magazine Top Doc 2014

 seattle mag top doc 2014

Seattle Magazine Top Doc 2015

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5 Stars

29 Reviews | Average Rating: 5

5 Stars

Elite expertise and caregiving. From Dr. Koo's intake & surgery to Claudia's considerate direction, I have felt like a top priority at every turn. Best of all - shoulder (had RC & biceps tendon repair ~3mo ago) pain-free and getting stronger every day. Grateful for their time and talent.
5 Stars

Dr Koo and Claudia are great!
5 Stars

Dr. Koo and his assistant, Claudia, were fantastic! 10 stars out of 5. Surgery went perfectly and rehab went well and successfully. I am 12 weeks out now and have great range of motion and have never had any pain (as opposed to constant pain before surgery). I recommend him highly if you want a great outcome in a shoulder replacement.
5 Stars

This is the most amazing place ever! I have had two shoulder replacements. Between Dr. Koo, Claudia, and Gemma I have experienced nothing short of a miracle. I have had NO pain, my recovery has been uneventful and this place is now like my family. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Koo, and shoulder replacement surgery! They have all made my life so liveable! Thank you all! xoxo
5 Stars

I'd been having shoulder issues for years. I got an MRI and Dr. Koo diagnosed me with a Torn Labrum and floating cartilage in the shoulder, recommending surgery. I'm 3 months past surgery and feeling great. I have no remaining pain in my shoulder and am quickly regaining strength. I've recommended Dr. Koo to several friends and coworkers with shoulder issues.
5 Stars

Dr. Koo and his assistant Claudia have now replaced both my shoulder joints with a new artificial joint. Both times the preparation process, surgery and recovery have been better than I could have hope for. While recovery is somewhat slow, both shoulders are working fine and I am out of pain on both sides. I can highly recommend Doctor Koo and his team for their excellent service and care. I appreciate having top notch medical professionals helping me out of pain and on to a better life.
5 Stars

Dr Koo surprised me. I was scheduled for a reverse on my shoulder but Dr. Koo saw that my problem wasn’t as bad so he did a regular replacement that gave even better results. I have had many surgery’s and this was the best experience I’ve ever had!! Thank you Dr Koo
5 Stars

Working with Dr. Koo and Claudia was an excellent experience! My shoulder surgery turned into requiring quite a bit more repair than the MRI showed. Dr. Koo made thorough and lasting repairs. Claudia provided clear direction for post surgery activity and requirements. I'm extremely happy with the surgery and progress to date!
5 Stars

I have had a very good experience. Claudia and Dr Koo have provided me with a great service. I have little pain any more and mobility is better than I expected pre-surgery. I hope I never need to use your services again but I would not hesitate if needed. Thank you
5 Stars

My experience in working with Dr. Koo & Claudia has been terrific. They are both very attentive, responsive and thorough. I have already recommended them to a few friends who are in need of shoulder care.

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