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One of the most important parts of shoulder surgery is the post-op protocol and procedures for your condition. This involves your medication, personal rehabilitation, and working with a physical therapist. Some shoulder conditions can even be treated with just non-invasive shoulder therapy options, like injections. Here are some common topics relating to shoulder surgery and therapy.

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Injection Therapy Information

Injections can treat shoulder conditions in some cases and are also used to treat pain. PRP therapy injections and cortisone are two very common injections you may come across during your shoulder recovery.

Surgery and Recovery Information

There are many misconceptions and questions regarding shoulder surgery. How long is the recovery process? When can you go back to your normal routine? How is pain medication prescribed? Learn more about these very common questions and get to know some of the physical therapists you will be working with on your road to recovery.


Operation Protocols

There’s quite a lot to be aware of before and after your shoulder procedure. But don’t fret, everything you need to know is right here for you.

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If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an office visit for shoulder therapy consultation in the Seattle area, contact shoulder surgeon Samuel Koo at (425) 823-4000. Our office is located in Kirkland, just a short drive from Redmond, Bellevue, and Seattle.