Shoulder Therapy

Pre-Op Shoulder Surgery Protocols

Instructions for Dr. Koo’s Patients Before Surgery

  • Please discontinue the use of aspirin products and anti-inflammatory one week prior to surgery
  • Please discontinue any medications as directed by your primary care physician or surgery center/hospital when they call you.
  • We ask that you do not eat or drink anything including gum and mints starting at 12:00am the day of surgery for your safety. You have no gag reflex when you are under anesthesia and if the acidic contents of your stomach come up and go back into your lungs it will cause an aspiration-pneumonia which can be life threatening.
  • Please do not wear hairspray or make up to surgery. These are alcohol-based and under certain circumstances could cause a fire.
  • You will need an adult driver and someone to be with you for 24 hours after surgery. This is due to side effects of anesthesia and narcotics. You can be drowsy and disoriented which could result in falls and injury.
  • You will be contacted 2 business days prior to surgery and informed of your check-in time as well as other instructions.

If you have any additional questions about pre-op shoulder surgery protocols, contact Dr. Samuel Koo at (425) 823-4000.

Pre-Operative Bathing Instructions