Summer and Shoulder Injuries

mountain bikingSummer is here and the weather has definitely turned for the better, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest. People are now out and about, spending time in the outdoors and engaging in their favorite activities. Let’s start a conversation about a couple of things to keep in mind from a shoulder health perspective.

First, most shoulder injuries in the summer tend to be related to outdoor activities. Whether you are mountain biking, gardening or playing tennis, many people injure themselves during the summer time. Although it is difficult to prevent accidents, there are things you can do to prevent overuse injuries. Due to inactivity, the shoulder can get deconditioned over the winter time. As a result, it can be more prone to injury. For those with a history of shoulder trouble, it may be worthwhile visiting your local physical therapist to get your shoulder into “summer” shape. A single visit can often identify problems in posture and areas of concern so you can be better prepared to enjoy your summer activities.

Second, another common shoulder ailment occurs in change of seasons. Although more common going from warm weather to colder weather, frozen shoulder often rears its ugly head during this time. Many people can experience an increase in pain and limited range of motion which can be quite painful and limiting. If you are experiencing something like this, make an appointment and treat it early. Early treatment can improve your life and help you enjoy the rest of the summer and engage in activities you enjoy.

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